Our Services

King Custom Cleaners utilizes the most current eco-friendly and safe dry cleaning technology

Dry Cleaning

Does your piece of clothing say “Dry Clean Only”? These materials may shrink, change colors or lose their shape if washed in water. These types of fabrics are very delicate and need to be cared for using our dry cleaning service. We only use 100% natural and eco-friendly products so that they are gentle on your clothes, and your skin.

Alterations & Repairs

We can replace buttons on items such as shirts, blouses and coats, repair or replace zippers on jackets and sleeping bags, take up or lower hemlines of skirts, pants and dresses, and loosen or tighten seams of any of your items of clothing.

Wedding Gowns

Make a moment last a lifetime with our careful treatment and preservation of wedding gown, communion dresses, and christening gowns. Our cleaning process takes professional care to preserve the delicate fabric during the cleaning process.

Let us do the cleaning.

Laundry Wash & Fold

Free yourself from tedious laundry work! We’ll pick your clothes, wash and dry them and neatly fold them before delivering back to you. All garments are washed to their specific needs & folded neatly so they are ready for use. We only use top-of-the-line eco-friendly detergent and also offer same day deliveries upon request

Handbag & Boot Cleaning

Renew your designer handbags and boots. Let King Custom Cleaners work on your precious items and remove any stains from handles and linings. We can revive old leather and suede and satin.


Do you have sports gear with bad odour? King Custom Cleaners will eliminate bacteria build-up and odours from sports related helmets, gloves, pads, pants, boots, chest and shoulder protectors, ski boots, snowboard boots, football pads and all other athletic gear. Bring your gear and we’ll clean it using our 100% natural and eco-friendly products that are gentle on your clothes, and your skin.